Press Release 

The Symbol of Freedom event is a two event series, designed to elevate knowledge of CDM Services, a local non-profit organization that has been doing business in Southwest Washington for over 30 years. CDM also serves Veterans as part of the core outreach and service to our local community through the CDM Mission and Vision statements. 

Veterans Day, is remembered on November 11th each year, however our two events will be held on November 9th this year to accommodate our special guest speaker Colonel Joe Jackson- Medal of Honor recipient. This also is a significant opportunity to recognize veterans locally as well as giving the public a better understanding of “who” is served, “why” they are served and “how” they are served through the CDM Services outreach base of over 200 employees, an annual budget of over $4 million and one of the top 50 employers of Southwest Washington, according to the Vancouver Business Journal. 

This two event series has a fundraising goal of over $25,000 net through two direct ask events; a luncheon to be held at Pearson Air Museum, to recognize and honor Colonel Joe Jackson, and all Veterans, then a private VIP reception, to be held the evening of November 9th at the home of Ed Lynch, also featuring Col. Joe Jackson.