Support CDM through GIVE65, and help Seniors Live with Dignity in the home of their choosing.

“Home” is a powerful word, especially for our clients. It represents the place where they feel most comfortable, where things are familiar, and where good memories can present themselves throughout the day. For the 800+ clients we serve, HOME is where they want to be. But living at home can come with challenges that are heightened by a lack of financial, social, and physical resources.

CDM’s Living with Dignity Program is a special fund that our caregivers can help clients access in order to help them live at home in the safest, most comfortable manner possible. There are numerous home projects that greatly impact our clients for which Medicaid won’t cover, including items like ramps and handrails. But with CDM’s Living with Dignity program, we can identify the clients who need assistance, work with the community to procure in-kind resources and volunteer help, and fund the appropriate materials for the home repair or enhancement. Living with Dignity truly lives up to its name: helping seniors LIVE WITH DIGNITY, safely, in the home of their choice.

We are so excited to participate again with GIVE65. Back in 2016, CDM won the cash award for “most participating donors” during the 65 hours of giving and received $10,000 toward mission services. Let’s win again this year!

Every gift of $10+ helps us stay in the running – can we count on you?

Pre-Giving: July 1 – July 8

GIVE65: July 9 – July 11

Thank you!